Centralized Conveying System

Centralized Conveying System is designed for the production of plastic products in the plastic workshop, realizing uninterrupted unmanned continuous operations.
According to the needs of the types of raw materials and the combined use of multi-color materials, the automatic process of any combination of refueling and coloring processes can be realized.

In the plastic processing industry, in addition to the host equipment that meets the requirements, a large number of auxiliary equipment such as a central feeding system is often needed to jointly complete various processing procedures, whether it is extrusion, injection, calendering, hollow molding, extrusion board making, film blowing, spinning, etc.。

The perfection of the automation and rationalization of auxiliary equipment for plastic processing determine the quality of products and the viability of enterprises to a certain extent.
The central feeding system adopts a vacuum transmission method, and the plastic raw materials are transported from the storage tank to the central dehumidification and drying system through a centralized pipeline system, and then the dried raw materials are transported to each production station.
The central feeding system adopts the design method of one machine, one tube to ensure the raw material transportation of the whole system and prevent the raw material from regaining moisture after dehumidification and drying.

With the use of the central dehumidification and drying system, after the dehumidification and drying, the materials are sent to the production stations, the conveying pipeline will be cleaned to ensure that there are no residual raw materials in the pipeline, safely avoiding the re-moisture of the raw materials, and ensuring the consistent performance of the raw materials added to the production stations. Under the action of vacuum negative pressure, the dust in the raw material is filtered out through the dust filter system, which helps to improve the quality of the product.

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