Sick and Dead Livestock Harmless Biological System

Dead livestock & viscera Transform into organic fermentation in 24 hours Dead livestock harmless biological system

The Introduction of Harmless Biological Treatment System for Sick and Dead Poultry Animals

How to deal with sick and dead pigs, chickens, ducks, fish or other dead waste poultry and aquatic products?

Technology is getting more and more advanced brining more convenience to our daily life. However, massive environment damage lead to global warming driving extreme change to the climate, thus some of the Breeders have to face these issues and increase the time/effort to take care of their animals. When the temperature gets too high, bacteria or viruses breeds more rapidly and aggressively, causing a large number of diseases and deaths of livestock. In order to prevent the virus from mutating and spreading to humans, a large number of livestock will be culled. When the temperature gets too cold or natural disasters occurs, aquatic breeders faces large number of violent deaths of their aquatic animals. To prevent the bacteria growth and spreading, these breeders have to implement harmless treatment.

The traditional way of handling sick and dead pigs, chickens, ducks and other poultry and aquatic products.

In the past, the traditional processing methods were:

  1. Incineration: Fast processing, high cost, and the output has no use value.
  2. Soil burial: Direct burial, lengthy time, pollutes soil, pollutes water source.
  3. Centralized placement: Utilize vacuum high temperature, sterilization, high operating cost.
  4. Chemicals: Chemical agent special treatment requires additional agent and equipment、 Extremely costly.

The Benefits of Harmless Biological Treatment System for Sick and Dead Poultry Animals

  1. To maintain Public Health Safety, avoiding random discards from polluting the environmental.
  2. To create the quality of healthy life, preventing food safety problems.
  3. To promote the sustainable development of animal husbandry, avoiding the spread of epidemic diseases.

Based on the above issues, PULIAN propose the 24 hours high temperature and high speed biological treatment which combined the merit of traditional treatment. High temperature sterilization in a closed environment, with high temperature resistant enzyme extraction powder, grease, blood and body fluids adsorption secondary substrate and converted into organic fertilizer. Fully achieve the goal of zero discharge, zero sewage, sterilization, reduction, and recycling of environmentally friendly resources.

The Features of Harmless Biological Treatment System for Sick and Dead Poultry Animals

In recent years, as the requirements for the harmless treatment of sick and dead poultry and livestock have gradually increased, Pulian has combined high-temperature chemical processing and biodegradation to produce new technologies. On the one hand, it can be sterilized at high temperatures, and on the other hand, it adds auxiliary secondary substrate materials to absorb grease, blood and body fluids. It can eliminate the cumbersome problem of generating excess grease after high-temperature processing, and at the same time use auxiliary substrates to improve the permeability of materials during processing, provide conditions for rapid biodegradation, and use the proliferation of microorganisms at high temperatures to continuously decompose and achieve sterilization.

Pulian equipment has the following characteristics :

  1. Automatic crushing
  2. High temperature fermentation decomposition
  3. Long-term sterilization
  4. Odorless evaporation of body fluids
  5. Improve air quality

Put the sick and dead poultry into the biological treatment system for degradation reaction, and use the fermentation principle of microbial reduction powder. Crushing, pulverizing, decomposing, degrading, and sterilizing the sick and dead bodies to achieve harmless treatment. This new technology does not produce waste water and flue gas, no peculiar smell, and does not require a high-pressure boiler during the treatment process, eliminating hidden troubles in operation. It also has the characteristics of energy saving, low operating cost, and simple operation. Realize the reduction and achieve the ultimate goal of harmlessness.

Benefit Result of Harmless Biological Treatment System for Sick and Dead Poultry Animals

The use of high-temperature biodegradation treatment saves labor and time, saves floor space required, reduces processing costs, and improves economic benefits. It does not emit high-temperature oil fume and harmful gases, and is ecological and environmentally friendly. After fermentation, it is completely decomposed and completely mixed with the auxiliary base material. The bio-organic fertilizer or bio-protein powder produced is a good organic fertilizer, which can promote the economic cycle of agricultural and animal husbandry production.
Resource recycling can achieve the following benefits:

  1. The process is completely odorless and no secondary pollution.
  2. Zero discharge, no grease, no blood, no need for secondary treatment.
  3. The finished product is a high-quality ecological organic fertilizer.
  4. Reduce the shortcomings and costs of old-style treatment, reduce the amount of sterilization and increase the value of by-products.
  5. New technologies change and improve the process to achieve ecological and organic circular economy value.

The Project of Harmless Biological Treatment System for Sick and Dead Poultry Animals

  • Livestock farms and hatcheries: Treatment of dead bodies or organic waste generated before, during and after hatching during the breeding process.
  • Livestock, breeding farm: Dealing with dead bodies or organic waste generated after birth.
  • Aquaculture farm: Treatment of organic waste from aquatic products that died of diseases
  • Slaughterhouse: All wastes after slaughter include manure, wool, offal, organic sludge, etc.
  • Poultry, aquatic products, meat processing: Expired products, unqualified products, organic sludge... and other organic waste
  • House Pet: Treatment of dead or euthanized pets

Comparison of Harmless Biological Treatment System for Sick and Dead Poultry Animals

Rely on the calorific value or auxiliary fuel of sick and dead poultry and animals to carry out oxidation reaction or pyrolysis reaction, completely eliminate the pathogens carried by them, decompose harmful substances, and decompose them into harmless disposal methods.
  Method Process Cost Advantage Disadvantage
Traditional Way Incineration Relying on the calorific value of sick and dead poultry and livestock as auxiliary fuel, completely eliminate all pathogens and decompose harmful substances. High Thoroughly incinerate, Fast processing speed. After treatment, the added value of the product is low, caused air pollution, and environmental impact assessment are difficult.
Centralized placement Pass sick and dead poultry and livestock through high temperature and high pressure to completely eliminate the pathogens carried, and further process the remaining residues to meet environmental protection requirements. High The processing capacity is large, and the source of the disease is completely eliminated, The added value of the product is high. The equipment covers a large area and the one-time investment amount is high.
Soil burial Put the sick and dead livestock directly into the pit, preventing the overflow of blood and add lime for disinfection, and then cover the soil for long-term natural decomposition. Low Use nature to decompose, without any equipment cost. Long processing time, polluting soil and groundwater, burying doubts about the recurrence of germs in the future.
Pulian Biological treatment Direct high-temperature of 90 degrees or above sterilization of sick and dead poultry, combined with microbial enzyme decomposition and degradation technology to achieve the purpose of resource reuse. Low The equipment is simple, the investment cost is low, the odor is low, and it can be quickly decomposed in only 24 hours. Necessary low energy consumption and high temperature enzyme cost .

Pulian’s New Technology: High temperature sterilization、 Harmless Process、Less processing time 、 High product added value


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