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Environment Friendly Agriculture Series

Let the sick soil healthily reborn

Climate change, limited lands, and over-hundred-years of pesticide development making the soil over fertilized, exhausted, pollution, pesticide remaining, poisoned etc.
Those things impact environment, soil, and agriculture etc…, effecting human health.
Chemical fertilizer: fast growth, competitive, but acidification and weakens the soil.
Organic fertilizer: slow growth, high cost, but eases the soil.
Bio-fertilizer: secret hormones which promote plant growth, but the effect shows late.
According to the three ways of advantages and disadvantages up-mentioned, we choose environment friendly and eat safely. And promote agriculture, sustainable agriculture, eco-friendly, food secure, and balance which able to ease the soil pressure, slow down the development for fragile area, and long-term protection for the nature habitant.
We take natural circulation for our main point. By utilizing recycled organic wastes, modern machines and integration technology, which can speed up transferring organic wastes to organic fertilizer.
Moreover, the technology can improve the soil acidification problem, improve nutrient absorbing, and the probiotic will increase efficiently which is able to resist cold, drought. Therefore, the soil can keep fertile, and increase output and quality.
With our patient and motivation, the goal is making animals and plants can be metabolize in nature or rapidly decompose. After decomposing or metabolizing, the organic fertilizer will combine with soil, and not only the plants are able to absorb the nutrient, but also reborn which achieve recycling idea as well.


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