Fully Automatic Separation of Oil and Water Machine ASG-series

Fully automatic separation of oil and water machine has three main functions, residue separation, oil and water separation, and sewage separation. First, by inlet, waste water goes into de-slagging sludge area which all solid slag will be outputted to the collecting bucket, and sludge will go through to the bottom of the box and regularly discharge to sludge collecting bucket. Moreover, the waste water with oil will flow to separation area, and by using constant temperature heating equipment, the oil which will float to cone-shape oil collecting area and timely discharged to oil collecting bucket. Final, sewage will flow to lifting area, and when liquid level reaches to the setting point, the automatic effect will discharge sewage to sewer.

Model Machine size(mm) Install size(mm) Capacity(m²/d) Board thickness(mm) Inlet size(mm) Outlet size(mm)
ASG-10 2480*1000*1570 3000*2000*2000 10 2.0 Ø100 Ø65
ASG-20 2930*1220*1750 3200*2200*2000 20 2.0 Ø100 Ø80
ASG-30 3310*1220*2040 3700*2200*2500 30 2.5 Ø150 Ø80
ASG-40 3080*1500*2040 3500*2500*2500 40 2.5 Ø150 Ø100
ASG-50 3600*1500*2040 4000*2500*2500 50 2.5 Ø150 Ø100
ASG-60 4100*1500*2060 4500*2500*2500 60 2.5 Ø200 Ø100

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