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Return to the Nature Beauty Series

Nutritional Genomic

The genes effect people’s body absorption of nutrition and have different risk of disease.
Different genes may show differences which it presents the differences of nutrition people need or disease on people’s body. Therefore, after understanding the genetic defect, people are able to accurately diet control and adjust the living style which can make people effectively lower and prevent from risk of illness. Establishing personal diet plans, decreasing ingest inappropriate food, and additionally taking the necessary nutrition to help slowing, or suppressing gene disease occurring.
There are 90% of common chronic and major disease coming from gene defection, such as Cancer, Hypertension, Ageing, Lung Function, Oropharynx, Migraine, Alcohol Dependence, Fat Burning Gene, Allergy, and Cerebral Infarction.
According to scientists’ research for years, Nutrigenomic researching is getting more mature which included, weight control, disease prevention, body detox, nutrient metabolism, food sensitivity, Athletic potential, and risk of injury etc.
These are assisting medical personnel and able to arrange personal life plans, exercising advise, and nutrition supplements apply. It is a further health guide for modern mankind.

    • Broccoli Pill (Broccoli Buds Extraction)
      Broccoli Pill (Broccoli Buds Extraction)

      Extract the green broccoli buds by using green technology, and concentrate the sprouts essence form Cruciferae.
      Those can supply people selenium, vitamin C, and sulforaphane which assist and maintain the tightness of cells arrangement. With full of ascorbic acid, people can promote their protection. Vitamin K can keep the toughness of blood vessel, improve skin, nerve system, mucosa, and repairment of digestive system. It is a comprehensive nutrition supplement.

    • Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa Extract)
      Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa Extract)

      The deep extraction of roselle has abundant anthocyanin and flavone of reducer which provides the essential function of anti-oxidant, and simulates the growth of red blood cells. This extraction with abundant of vitamin C, catechin, and anthocyanin can also simulate metabolism, adjust body tiredness, improve digestive system, beauty maintaining. Therefore, “Ruby” becomes the nickname of roselle.

    • Amethyst (Brassica Oleracea var. Capitata Buds Extract)
      Amethyst (Brassica Oleracea var. Capitata Buds Extract)

      Brassica oleracea bud has abundant of nutrition. In chemical composition, brassica oleracea has cysteine and excellent protein which can help to neutralize hazardous substance in human body. Multiple vitamins provide essentialness of anti-oxidant which also help to decrease free radicals’ producing, enhance human’s livability. Non-polluted cultivation, extract from buds instead beading extraction, and high-density reduction.

    • Beauty (Beetroot Extract)
      Beauty (Beetroot Extract)

      Beetroot with natural red because of anthocyanin, which full of nutrition which can improve oxygen delivery, simulate blood circulation, and lower down oxygen’s consuming. The sweetener in beetroot is the best antioxidant, and the most important element to neutralize hazardous substance. Beetroot fiber can enhance concentration of antioxidant enzyme which makes body increase more defend armies are one of the resources of nutrition as well.

    • Ginyue Capsule
      Ginyue Capsule

      Nature chlorella helps human body easily absorb high protein, necessity amino acid, dietary fiber, chlorophyll, and hormone CGF.
      Therefore, activate coagulation protein can maintain the correction of nutrients and deliver to the most necessarily spot of human body.

    • Live Water
      Live Water

      As we know there are 70% of water in human beings’ body, so drinking a good water is very important. Water is able to adjust body temperature, neutralize hazardous substance, and decrease the problems form digestion.
      Furthermore, the good nature water provides minerals, and electrolyte. Those microscale elements make people’s body absorb system improve, remove hazardous substance rapidly, and simulate metabolism.

    • Xianye (Mulberry Leaf Extract)
      Xianye (Mulberry Leaf Extract)

      In Japan, the tea made by mulberry leaves which named as Long-living Tea. The extraction in mulberry leaves which have N-Saccharide components in alkaloids. In Japanese medical profession, they call DNJ which other plants or animals do not have. This component is able to repair tissue, recover wounds, maintain health of skin, and body fat, cholesterol synthesis, and amino acid metabolism which these microelements are necessary for human’s body.

    • Baby Broccoli (Broccoli Buds Extract)
      Baby Broccoli (Broccoli Buds Extract)

      100% extract essence from broccoli with EZ GROW, the unique technic planting. Therefore, remove whole plant and 20 times extraction which can release high nutria values, such as sulforaphane, vitamin C, vitamin K, microelement selenium etc. The nutrient is a natural rich nutrition which able to assist and maintain the tightness of cells arrangement, and gene regulation mechanism.

    • Ants Preventer
      Ants Preventer

      Natural environmental protection insecticide effect, can be naturally decomposed in the environment without causing secondary pollution to the environment.
      It can replace chemical insecticides, and can be sprayed directly on the surface of pests, with excellent insecticidal effect.

    • Easy Grow
      Easy Grow

      It is fermented by using natural vegetables, native chicken compost and patented strains, and then extracted through patented technology after completion.
      Natural, pollution-free, not only easy to absorb and quickly germinate, but also to break through the various shortcomings of previous self-cultivation, It makes planting easier, it is so convenient!

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