Granulator Machinery Introduction & Types

In order to satisfy many difficult challenges, the basic supplement of granulators can crush various items including: Rubber, Plastic, Non-plastic, etc. Thus, all of the granulator series must have high quality intricate components and safety regulations, which is divided into 4 levels ranging from 1HP to 250HP.

  • Level 1 (1-15HP) Small series
    Using range: Daily supplement, Infant product, toys, electronic Industry, food Industry, medical supplies, cosmetics product.
  • Level 2 (20-60HP) Medium series
    Using range: Vehicle components, electrical appliances, Illumination, Luggage, Plastic industry producing medium sized products, footwear, hollow container industry, building material hardware…etc
  • Level 3 (75-150HP) Large series
    Using range: Large vehicle bumper, Large hollow planks, tanks, chemical barrel, domestic waste, business waste, etc
  • Level 4 (175-250HP) Extra Large series
    - Using range: Large scale recycling systems, log or waste wood recycling, unique recycling, etc
    No matter the size of the granulator, it must meet optimal cutting angle, not easy to get stuck, Durable knives, Easy to change knives, High speed change in screen, Easy to clean, increase life-time of Bearings with special seals to protect against dust, Reliability of safety protection, High level of safety regulation, etc
    - Advantages: Wide application, wide range in series, various selections to satisfy yours multiple needs.

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