Metal detection, Gold Detector

Metal detection: The metal detector is abbreviated as the Gold Detector. It is mainly used to detect the presence or absence of metal foreign bodies in the production process of rubber, plastics, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, etc. The principle is that there is a transmitting coil and two equivalent receiving coils in the center. These three are installed in a probe and the oscillator transmits a high-frequency magnetic field through the middle transmitting coil to connect with the two receiving wires. When metal impurities enter to the magnetic field, this balance will be disrupted, the presence of metal can be detected, and an alarm signal will be generated. The system can use the alarm signal to drive the automatic rejection device to exclude the metal material from the production line.

The metal inspection machine is divided into Channel Type, Pipeline Type, and Falling Type according to the transportation method of inspection items.

  • Channel Type metal detection is currently the most common equipment on the market. The detector is rectangular, and is generally equipped with a conveyor structure with an automatic elimination mechanism or an alarm signal. When the items on the conveyor belt pass the detector, if there are Metal impurities, it will be automatically excluded or conveying will stop, mainly for online inspection of finished or semi-finished products.
  • Pipeline type metal detection is mainly used to monitor the quality inspection of the overall product in the pipeline flow process, such as ham sausage, chewing gum, oral liquid, liquid or viscous state. Detecting actions before canning or packaging can not only accurately detect but also ensure quality.
  • Falling Type metal detection generally have automatic discharge devices. When particles are transported to the production process or packaging bags, the metal in the final container will affect the detection. Therefore, Falling Type metal detection can first detect the metal debris before the process, and then proceed to the next process. It is mainly used for the detection of plastic particles, tablets, capsules, granules, and powders. It has simple installation, high sensitivity, easy maintenance, high efficiency, stable and reliable...etc.

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