Domestic Waste Classification, Industrial Waste Classification

Definition of waste:
In the process of human existence and development, substances that have no value for continued preservation and use are produced.


Divided by:
1. Hazardous wastes: harmful, dangerous to human health and the environment. The country registers and handles it according to grades, such as strong acid, radiation... etc.
2. General waste: non-hazardous wastes, such as paper, food waste... etc.


Classified by status:
1. Gaseous waste, such as factory smoke and dust, automobile exhaust pollution.
2. Liquid waste, such as domestic sewage, industrial waste water, organic solvent... etc.
3. Solid waste, such as garbage, municipal garbage, muck, packaging materials... etc.


Divided by composition: organic waste, inorganic waste


Domestic waste: Refers to all waste produced by human activities.


There are two types of handling unit:
1. Collecting, storing, transporting and disposing are carried out uniformly in the township, or city offices in various places.
2. Non-government environmental protection recyclers. Responsible units will classify, such as waste paper, waste plastic, waste metal (including iron, copper, aluminum), waste wood, waste glass, food waste...etc. Those can be reused for recycling.


Industrial waste:
The waste generated by various industries in accordance with human daily life, such as waste residue, dust, waste debris, sludge, steel slag, coal ash, slag, construction waste residue, textile waste residue, sludge generated in industrial production...etc. These are industrial wastes which are going to be incinerated or buried; however, some countries treat those wastes as a resource, and their governments decide to give allowance subsidies to promote the usage of wastes and stop economic pollution as early as possible. The government hope for each enterprise can focus on the problems and make it industrialize, reduce, harmless, and resource recover.

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