Film Constriction Granulator ARP-series

Application for CPE, PE, CPP, PP, EVA, BOPA, TPU, LLDPE, woven fabric and etc. of film, recycled, edge material to pelletize immediately. The ARP series procedure is to pelletize by cold trimming, no need to heating up, without dust, low decibel, low power consumption as feature. The final product is similar verigin material. It doesn't change the chemical composition and plasticizing properties of the material, and can be uniformly mixed with the raw materials. The pellet doesn't block the screw inlet for easy feeding, could be applied for recycling line or be linked with slitting machine or individual usage.

    • ARP-150
      • Max. Material Width:400mm
      • Max. Material Thickness:0.05-0.5mm
      • Roller Speed:10-100m/min
      • Power:5HP
      • Rotating Diameter:Ø165mm
      • Rotary Blade:Ø165*18T 1pc
      • Stationary Blade:1pc
      • Machine Weight:400kg
      • Machine Size:1000*670*1180mm
      • Capacity:150 kg/hr
      • Optional Blower:5HP
    • ARP-250
      • Max. Material Width:600mm
      • Max. Material Thickness:0.05-0.5mm
      • Roller Speed:10-120m/min
      • Power:7.5HP
      • Rotating Diameter:Ø280mm
      • Rotary Blade:Ø280*28T 1pc
      • Stationary Blade:1pc
      • Machine Weight:550kg
      • Machine Size:1250*630*1380mm
      • Capacity:250 kg/hr
      • Optional Blower:5HP

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