Feeding Inversion Elevator Machine AU-series

The feeding-inversion elevator can be replaced by AU-series, it can deliver the materials from floor to up easier by arising the container, and it is small volume, easy to control and high Safety, even a woman can deal with the machine very easy, it also solves the problem by conveying the products to the higher place.

    • AU-1
      • Power:1HP
      • Speed:4-8m/min
      • Loading Height:1.4-1.8m
      • Loading Degree:135°
      • Machine Size:1000*800*2320mm
      • Machine Weight:210kg
      • Carrying Capacity:5-50kg
    • AU-2
      • Power:2HP
      • Speed:4-8m/min
      • Loading Height:1.4-1.8m
      • Loading Degree:130°
      • Machine Size:1200*800*2320mm
      • Machine Weight:280kg
      • Carrying Capacity:50-100kg

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