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Bio-Chem, Medical, Medical Supplies, Cosmetic, Health Supplement, Beverage & Coffee, Pet Supplies Industry

The material changes from thick to thin, coarse to fine, fine to powder, and from powder to liquid. And the process is to make the body easier to eat and absorb. Therefore, in the biotechnology, medical and food industries, the key point is the selection of choosing the machines which are shredder, crushers, and pulverizer are extremely important.
Cleaning for those machines after using is more important. Poor handling will affect the quality of the next batch of goods that is necessary to be careful.

  1. Cleaning and Hygiene:
    After operating the machines, pay attention to clean up the equipment and remove the residues from all corners of the machinery. Preventing the residue from decay after a long time, which will affect the sanitation standard of the product.
  2. Cleaning Method:
    When cleaning the equipment, in order to save time and effort, general operators would directly flush the equipment by water which is a wrong approach. First, the correct method of usage is cleaning the surface of the equipment with a wet towel. Second, use a small brush to clean up the residue in each dead corner. Final, rinse with water.
  3. Precautions:
    The equipment generally exerts its best efficiency when the performance is in best. General users should pay attention to the methods while using and maintaining it. When the machine is under processing by crushing and grinding, please be aware stones or metallic materials, and do not allow those materials be inputted into the machine as to prevent the blades from chipping.

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