Heavy Duty Flat Die Pelletizer ARM-series

For industrial products
Suitable for municipal waste, kitchen waste, organic fertilizer, etc., with a moisture content below 20%.
Pure dry materials and pure fresh materials cannot be formed into pellets. Generally, the moisture content of the raw materials should be controlled at around 8-10%, with a maximum moisture content not exceeding 15%. Otherwise, the pelletizing effect will be poor.
(Pure dry materials refer to raw materials with extremely low moisture content after drying, such as dried rice bran, coffee grounds, etc.)
(Pure fresh materials refer to fresh raw materials with excessive moisture content and not dried, such as fresh vegetable leaves, plants, etc.)
The output will be affected by factors such as the size of the raw materials, composition of the materials, size of the compression plate holes, and the connection of the preceding processing steps.

Flat Die Pelletizer Purpose

The Flat Die Pelletizer is a versatile mechanical equipment primarily used to compress various types of materials into pelletized products.
Flat Die Pelletizer the following purpose:

1.Biomass fuel manufacturing: Flat Die Pelletizer can compress biomass raw materials such as sawdust, rice husk, grass, etc. into biomass. Fuel pellets for heating, electricity generation and industrial heat generation...etc.

2.Animal feed manufacturing: Flat Die Pelletizer can compress grain, wheat bran, protein and other animal feed raw materials into nutritious feed pellets for poultry, livestock, fish and aquatic animals... and other breeding industries.

3.Organic fertilizer manufacturing: Flat Die Pelletizer can convert compost, kitchen waste, agricultural waste, etc. into organic fertilizer granules. To improve soil quality and increase crop yields.

4.Wood processing: Flat Die Pelletizer can make wood chips, wood fibers and other wood raw materials into pellets, which are used to make wood chip boards, Wood pellet fuel products…etc.

5.Chemical industry: Flat Die Pelletizer can be used to manufacture chemical industry products, such as additive granules, catalyst granules... and other products.

6.Reuse of waste: Flat Die Pelletizer can compress waste such as plastic and paper into reusable products, Help reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

Flat Die Pelletizer have important applications in many fields such as Producing energy, animal farming, agriculture, wood processing, etc., providing efficient and compressible processing of raw materials, while helping to reduce waste and promote resource reuse.

Flat Die Pelletizer working principle

Flat Die Pelletizer is divided into two parts, the reducer transmission part and the compression pelletizing part. The core part of the Flat Die Pelletizer is the pressure roller and the flat die. When the material flows to the pelletizing chamber, the die rotates and the friction roller rotates, so that the material is squeezed into the die hole. The die is in the shape of a cylindrical strip, so the product material is also in the shape of a cylindrical strip. The material is cut by the cutter at the discharge port (adjustable length), and then discharged from the pelletizing chamber. The granulation process is completed.

Flat Die Pelletizer is a kind of mechanical equipment that rolls raw materials into granules. Its working principle is based on the action of rolling and extrusion to form high-density granules. The following is the basic working principle of the Flat Die Pelletizer:

1.Feeding and rotary roller plate feeding: Raw materials enter the compression disc chamber of the flat die machine through the feeding system. The roller plate is a flat molded metal disc, usually with many holes to allow the material to be evenly distributed across the plate.

2.Pressure roller pressing: The pressure roller is one or more metal rollers that move on the pressure plate. The pressing wheel gradually press and compresses the raw material into the hole through the force of extrusion, during this process, the raw material is gradually compressed into compact structure particles, and at the same time, heat energy is also generated due to the movement of the pressing wheel.

3.Heat energy generation: The pressure and friction generated by the movement of the pressing wheel will increase the temperature of the raw materials, resulting in pyrolysis and expansion of some parts of the raw materials, which will help the raw materials to be better combined, but it should not be excessive high and cause deterioration.

4.Roll forming into granules: The raw materials passing through the rolling wheel gradually pass through the holes on the plate, and form granules during this process, the size and arrangement of the pores determines the size and shape of the final particle.

5.Cooling and solidification: The formed particles are discharged from the bottom of the plate, and cooled and solidified in the air. During this process, the particles become more solid and stable.


The working principle of Flat Die Pelletizer is to compress the raw materials into tightly bound particles through the action of roller pressure and heat. These particles can be used in different applications such as biomass fuel, animal feed, organic fertilizer, etc.


Flat Die Pelletizer Advantage

Flat Die Pelletizer offer several advantages that make them widely used in different applications. The following are the main advantages of Flat Die Pelletizer:

1.Versatility: Flat Die Pelletizer can be used to manufacture different types of products, including biomass fuel, animal feed, organic fertilizers, wood pellet products, etc., with a wide range of applications.

2.High efficiency: In the process of compressing raw materials into granules, the Flat Die Pelletizer can consume less energy and achieve high pelletizing efficiency and production capacity.

3.Cost saving: Since the Flat Die Pelletizer can effectively convert waste and raw materials into valuable products, it helps to reduce waste and save costs.

4.Simple operation: Flat Die Pelletizer usually have simple operation and maintenance requirements, making it easy for both beginners and experienced operators to use.

5.Adjustability at any time: The plate aperture and roller pressure of the Flat Die Pelletizer can be adjusted at any time to meet the density and hardness requirements of different products and raw materials.

6.Environmentally friendly products: Flat Die Pelletizers are usually based on biomass raw materials, and the products they produce can be used as clean energy or renewable resources and are environmentally friendly.

7.Applicability: The Flat Die Pelletizer is suitable for different sizes and types of production sites, from household use to industrial scale, and can meet different needs.

8.Increase the value: the Flat Die Pelletizer can convert waste into valuable products and improve the value and utilization of raw materials.


Flat Die Pelletizer have become an important equipment in many industries due to their versatility, high efficiency, cost-saving and other advantages, promoting the rational utilization of resources and the value of products.

    • ARM-300C
      • Horsepower:30HP
      • Rotating speed:78rpm
      • Number of pressure rollers:2pcs
      • Pressure plate outer diameter:300mm
      • Pressure plate hole diameter:2.5-10mm
      • Workload:100-200kg/hr(Increase or decrease depending on material)
      • Mechanical Dimensions:1100x740x1000mm
    • ARM-350C
      • Horsepower :40HP
      • Rotating speed:78rpm
      • Number of pressure rollers:2pcs
      • Pressure plate outer diameter:350mm
      • Pressure plate hole diameter:2.5-10mm
      • Workload:200-300kg/hr(Increase or decrease depending on material)
      • Mechanical Dimensions:1150x850x1100mm
    • ARM-450C
      • Horsepower:60HP
      • Rotating speed:78rpm
      • Number of pressure rollers:2pcs
      • Pressure plate outer diameter:450mm
      • Pressure plate hole diameter:2.5-10mm
      • Workload:300-500kg/hr(Увеличение или уменьшение в зависимости от материала.)
      • Mechanical Dimensions:1450x1040x1380mm

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