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Magnet Box/Magnet Bars/Magnet Plate M-series

Magnet rod and magnet plate: Magnets are substances that attract or repel each other. The most commonly used components are iron, cobalt, nickel... etc. Magnetic substances can be divided into permanent magnets and soft irons. Permanent magnets plus strong magnetism will have magnetism; Soft iron will become magnetic when applied with electric current, but it will gradually decrease its magnetic properties. It is widely used in compasses, compasses, electromagnets, generators, gift box fasteners, doorbells, telephones... etc. At present, we apply it in the plastic molding process to remove iron impurities, select iron materials in environmental recycling, install magnet discs at the inlet of the crusher and crusher to screen out iron debris, and the iron scraps dropped from CNC processing are absorbed and cleaned...etc.

    • Magnet Box MB-series
      Magnet Box MB-series
      • Magnet Box MB-7
        MAGNET BARS : 7pcs
        SIZE AxB : 165*200mm
        SIZE CxD : 165*165mm
        DiameterØE : Ø80mm
        HEIGHT H : 185mm
      • Magnet Box MB-9
        MAGNET BARS : 9pcs
        SIZE AxB : 200*250mm
        SIZE CxD : 250*250mm
        DiameterØE : Ø110mm
        HEIGHT H : 185mm
    • Magnet Bars MS-series
      Magnet Bars MS-series
      • Magnet Bars MS-7
        SIZE : 175*183*75mm
      • Magnet Bars MS-9
        SIZE : 220*230*75mm
      • Magnet Bars MS-11
        SIZE : 260*265*75mm
    • Magnet Plate
      Magnet Plate
      • Magnet Plate MD A-200
        Size connect with A-200
      • Magnet Plate MD JW-260
        Size Connect with JW-260
      • Magnet Plate MD S-380
        Size Connect with S-380

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