De-Powder Machine AS-series

To solve the dust problems of black dot, coking, low light penetrating that occurs during manufacturing process. AS series raises product quality, lower down the defective percentage, simplize producing procedures, and save the work labor. AS- series has apparent result to apply it on transparent and white material.

    • AS-150
      • Power: 1-2HP
      • Rotating Diameter: Ø110mm
      • Inlet Size: 150*120mm
      • R.P.M.: 280/380rpm
      • Rotary Blade: 3pcs(3claws)
      • Stationary Blade: 2pcs
      • Machine Weight: 160kg
      • Machine Size: 800*460*1100mm
      • Capacity: 80-120kg/hr
      • Contents: 10kg
    • AS-200
      • Power:3-5HP
      • Rotating Diameter:Ø240mm
      • Inlet Size:200*240mm
      • R.P.M.:280/380rpm
      • Rotary Blade:3pcs(3claws)
      • Stationary Blade:2pcs
      • Machine Weight:225kg
      • Machine Size:900*460*1260mm
      • Capacity:120-150kg/hr
      • Contents:12kg
    • AS-300
      • Power: 5-7.5HP
      • Rotating Diameter: Ø240mm
      • Inlet Size: 300*240mm
      • R.P.M.: 620/730rpm
      • Rotary Blade: 3pcs(3claws)
      • Stationary Blade: 2pcs
      • Machine Weight: 320kg
      • Machine Size: 1170*610*1620mm
      • Capacity: 150-200kg/hr
      • Contents: 15kg

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