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Environmentally Friendly Recycling Series

New skills Create new value

The recycling rate is over 58% in Taiwan and it is the top three best in the world.
Despite such good results, there is still a large amount of waste which has been pending that needs to be recycled. We must understand that the earth’s resources will run out, and waste garbage will not disappear. Reduce and recycle must be fundamentally improved and changed from the industry itself. In the past, in order to promote consumption, manufacturers used to throw away things after using.
Nowadays, manufacturers decide how to upgrade and change the habit of throwing garbage away in our lives; therefore, obviously, people must pay more attention to it.
The manufacturers from Europe, Germany, Japan are not only encouraging the development of green innovative products among industries, but also striving for revolutionary products for reducing energy consumption, and reduce the burden which are not for recycling glasses or plastic bottles on the earth; moreover, to promote marine’s recycling, and beach cleaning activities and the green manufactory.
This trend is growing and spreading, and our industries must pay more attention on increasing the utilization rate, promoting durable products, upgrading the industrial chain, reducing process waste, creating green consumption, reducing one-time use, and promoting recycling materials. The new ongoing projects of reusing new products will raise the people's green awareness. In this way, those wastes in Taiwan will go from era of burial to era of compulsory classified incineration in present which is already promoting to the green era of reuse and recycling.
In conclusion, it is hoped to reduce the amounts of waste from sources, and reuse and recycle. In order to achieve zero waste and zero disposal, people could fully recycle the waste of materials and create turnover value.


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