Hopper Dryer-Europe Type AHE-series

European standard drying principle

European standard dryer equipment belongs to the series of plastic peripheral equipment, all stainless steel barrel body, internal and external polishing and grinding, made of seamless welding of internal and external stainless steel mirror panels, non-stick and pollution-free, and with a cleaning door, it is easy to clean when replacing raw materials. The double-layer insulation design reduces heat loss, saves power and also reduces the temperature of the workshop, and the power-saving drying effect is good.
The drying barrel equipment is blown from top to bottom, and the material is dried from bottom to top. The internal heat pipe is equipped with a bell mouth, which distributes heat evenly and ensures that the material can be dried fully and evenly.

    • AHE-25
      • Heating:3kw
      • Blower:0.15kw
      • Capacity:25kg
      • Machine Size:610*560*1240mm
    • AHE-50
      • Heating:3.9kw
      • Blower:0.16kw
      • Capacity:50kg
      • Machine Size:710*600*1410mm
    • AHE-100
      • Heating:6.2kw
      • Blower:0.24kw
      • Capacity:100kg
      • Machine Size:822*575*1670mm
    • AHE-200
      • Heating:11kw
      • Blower:0.3kw
      • Capacity:200kg
      • Machine Size:1000*830*1930mm
    • AHE-400
      • Heating:20kw
      • Blower:0.36kw
      • Capacity:400kg
      • Machine Size:1220*990*2330mm
    • AHE-600
      • Heating:24kw
      • Blower:0.75kw
      • Capacity:600kg
      • Machine Size:1210*1070*2540mm
    • AHE-800
      • Heating:30kw
      • Blower:1.1kw
      • Capacity:800kg
      • Machine Size:1390*1120*2730mm
    • AHE-1000
      • Heating:18kw*2
      • Blower:1.5kw
      • Capacity:1000kg
      • Machine Size:1530*1430*3670mm

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