Annual Vegetable Planting Season Table

Annual vegetable planting season table

Each vegetable has their planting day. If planted early, the bud will not grow, and if planted late, the plants may not enough time to grow. Therefore, making sure the planting time and day is very important. People also can ask farmers or someone with experiences, they definitely will tell you the right time to plant. However, even if people can easily solve the problems, they might also wish to understand more knowledge about planting vegetables as well, because there are so many mysteries in nature!

The proper season for planting different kinds of vegetable

Spring Spinach, amaranth (planting in may would be the best), lettuce, eggplant, cucumber, water spinach, chives, sweet potato vine, pepper, tomato, loofah, white gourd, pumpkin, cowpea, bitter gourd, watermelon, lentil, agaric.
Summer Water spinach, watercress, cauliflower, Indian lettuce, cucumber, white gourd, pumpkin, watermelon, long crooked squash, pepper, bitter squash.
Autumn Spinach, broccoli, garlic, coriander, radish, green onion, butter lettuce, lettuce, celery, peas.
Winter Spinach, flowering Chinese cabbage, lettuce, carrot, coriander, lily, radish, mustard leaf.
Four seasons Garlic, green onion, Chinese cabbage, bean sprout.

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