PET Bottle Recycling System

PET Bottle Recycling System, which is mainly used to dispose of mineral, such as water bottles, cola bottles, various beverage bottles, and recyclable PET materials. The entire cleaning system is the same as a laundry machine, which can cycle clean once, twice or three times. Customers can completely customize depending on the level of contamination, incoming materials and use.

The cleaning equipments are composed of many different units: Conveyor, Unpacking Machine, Stripping Machine, Metal Detector Machine, Wet Grinder, Rubbing Machine, Cleaning Tank, High Temperature Boiler Tank, Dehydrator, Membrane Separator, Dryer, Material Sorting Machine, Color Sorter, Storage Barrel, Packaging Machine, Granulator... etc. Pulian has accumulated nearly 30 years of experience, and customize each machine according to customer’s requirements, or customer’s factory layout producing line needs.

Each set of equipment focuses on how to clean up, thus cleaning process is divided into three parts:
1. Pre-washing:
It is mainly to wash the mud, sand and floating soil, and prevent from the friction and tear for next processing of machine.
2. Main washing:
It is mainly to wash oil, sugar, glue and other stains, and use detergent or rubbing mechanism to achieve cleanliness.
3. Rinsing:
Finally, the remaining oil stains, detergents and solvents attached to the bottle flakes are cleaned again to complete the final product.

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