Hydraulic Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Cutting Machine or Slicer is mainly composed of Cutting knives, main frame, Working hydraulic cylinder, base auxiliary workbench, hydraulic system, and electrical system…etc. When cutting, operator puts the material under the cutters and activate the cutting sequence; the cutter coupled with the hydraulic guiding press guides the blades smoothly downwards cutting the material, cutting it into smaller sizes so the next process can work more efficiently and increase production. This series has many different selections to choose from, from manual operation, semi-automatic operation, fully automated hydraulic cutting operation, to fully auto cut-count cutting system where when the cutter reaches the end of its hydraulic travel, it will automatically move back up to its initial position. The structural design of the hydraulic cutting machine is simple but elegant, easy to operate, highly efficient and highly durable. Useful in processing natural rubber, rubber composites, plastic lumps, rolls of plastic as well as other plastic products.

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