Pulverizer Machine

Pulverizer Introduction

Pulverizer divided into Industrial grind equipment and Food grind equipment also named as Inorganic grind equipment and Organic grind equipment.

  • Industrial grind equipment (Inorganic grind equipment) can be use in new product process and recycling process, in order to make the perfect product. Including : rubber sole, tire milling, PVC,PP, PEC, PC, Hard. soft PVC grind, PE, recycled material grinding, ore. silica glass recycling grind, Metal (iron. copper. aluminum) grind…etc. Key point in milling process : Increase productivity, Reduce energy consumption, High level dust collection to decrease air pollution, Consistency in high frequency seismic selection, hot/cold exchange to efficient cooling, increase usage time on durable knives , Complete difficult processing with simplification skills.
  • Food grind equipment (Organic grind equipment) in order to practical convenience, including : fine milling of whole grains, fine milling after drying Chinese herbal, fine milling of dry flowers and trees…etc. As a result of these material easy to fragile, milling process more easy. After specific mesh can achieve the ideal product, Due to the difference in thickness, when processing in the grinding process, it will cause lighter dust to fly, this part of Pulian can completely collect and recycle the dust.

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