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PET Bottle, PP/PE Bottle, PP/PE Film Cleaning and Recycling System

Nowadays, green is in the ascendancy, and resource reuse recycling value added is a global trend and an evolution of life. Pulian's R&D team re-carves all recycled materials into new life in various environmental protection and recycling fields. What we think of as garbage can pass through Design to become more possibilities, regenerates resources, achieves the concept of environmental protection and sustainable operation.

Customized Equipment:
According to customer needs, change an original standard process, replace the original standard parts with new mechanisms, components or add special functions to the original standard process, so that customers have a more complete and perfect product portfolio.
Customized equipment mostly changes components, mechanism, and module... of the customer’s original process. Although it is a small part, we are still competing in the industry. According to special design standards, we adhere to ten principles and provide suitable , applicable customized equipment to meet customer needs.

Environmental recycling industry operations include three aspects:
The first is environmental protection equipment products and operations, which mainly refer to the production and operation of water pollution control equipment, air pollution control equipment, solid waste treatment equipment, noise control equipment, radiation and electromagnetic wave pollution protection equipment, environmental monitoring and analysis equipment, environmental protection medicine...etc.
The second is the comprehensive utilization of resources, which refers to the utilization of waste materials, comprehensive utilization of waste, and recycling of waste materials.
The third is environmental service operation, which refers to the provision of various services such as technology, management, engineering design and construction for environmental protection.

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