Horizontal High-speed Fermentation Machine BULB-series

This is the multiple functional horizontal fermentation machine with many features: high-speed heating till 180°C, adjustable time for intermittent ventilation. With PLC programming, the system can be programmed with multiple logical sets, the spiral blades turning with no dead angle, and excreted by pneumatic gate to save more energy which can be utilized in multiple area, such as nurturing probiotic, making reducing power by high temperature, organic livestock excrement(chicken, duck, pig, cow, sheep), processing organic wastes(coffee grounds, pepper seed, tea dregs), food waste etc. The testing or display machine.

BU-300LB BU-500LB

Model BU1B-H BU-50LB BU-100LB BU-200LB BU-300LB BU-500LB
Power(HP) 90W 1 2 2 2 2
R.P.M 5~8 5~8 5~8 5~8 5~8 5~8
Volume(lit) 15 80 170 250 450 560
Machine weight(kg) 44 250 300 410 450 600
Machine Size(mm) 604*321*513 1220*670*900 1250*962*1566 1516*962*1566 2480*975*1500 2590*975*1500

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