Conveyor Equipment

Conveyor Introduction

Conveyor is the equipment which by roller to roll the belt and convey materials, such as flakes, or particles, or goods. Moreover, the conveyors are able to combine with other machines and make the producing line work operate smoothly for factories or enterprises; therefore, it is widely applied in industries as well.
In each industry, such as plastic, chemical, ore, construction, food industries which the conveyor could be used for powder, particles, final products, classification, transportation, and these are useful in the environment.

Types of Conveyor

There are many types of Conveyor Equipment, and the commonly used ones are as follows:

  • Pipe Chain Conveyor: The equidistant compartment ring on the chain is used to continuously move in the closed pipeline and form a continuous flow transportation.
  • Belt Conveyor: The front and back rollers of the belt cover are used to continuously rotate to produce conveying. It is used in a wide range of industries. The belt materials include rubber, PVC, PU, stainless steel mesh... etc., which can meet the needs of all industries.
  • Roller Conveyor: It can be divided into powered roller conveyor, unpowered roller conveyor, bull's eye ball conveyor... etc. Basically, they are used in the transportation of finished products.
  • Bucket-lift Conveyor: Most of them are used to transport material from ground level to high level. The funnel is hung at a fixed distance through belts or chains hung on the upper and lower rollers, and the material is shoveled one at a time during operation for continuous transportation.
  • Screw Conveyor: Commonly known as the twisting dragon. Continuous spiral blades are welded on the central shaft, and then placed in a closed tube. When moving, the material will be transported along with the spiral. This equipment can be transported at any angle, and the steel tube has good high temperature resistance.
  • Airflow Conveyor: Common air-flow conveyors can be divided into Two types. The first type is negative pressure conveying, according to the vacuum equipment, the vacuum flow generated will bring the material to the destination, and then use the solid-gas separation equipment to discharge the material unloading air. The second type is positive pressure conveying uses air pressure system generated by a fan to blow the material to the destination, and then uses the cyclone to unload the material and discharge the air.

Pulian provides more than 20 types of Conveyor equipments, which will definitely reduce repetitive labor costs and accelerate production efficiency. It is an excellent equipment that can let users use with peace of mind.

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