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Pulian History

    • 1994
      Pulian International Enterprise CO.,Ltd. Was established on March and well-known to be a successful leader in the market by “Auto Mix AM series”. At that moment, Pulian was only a small factory with an area of 100 m2 and employed 4 staff.
    • 1995
      A-Series Crusher、Mixer、De-powder machine …etc was be published.
    • 1996
      To meet the increasing needs of the production and R&D ability obtain approve and hold 5 patents, Pulian expanded a new factory with an area of 500 m2 and employed 8 staff.
    • 1997
      S-Series Crusher、Conveyor、Hydraulic cutting machine、Low speed granulator…etc was be published.
    • 1998
      Organic Fertilizer Conversing Equipments/Fa, TUV Rheinaland Certificate approved;Successful R&D Environmental protection、food waste recycling system.
    • 1999
      To meet the increasing need of the production and hold more than 20 patents, Pulian expanded a new factory with area of 2500 m2 and employed 18 staff.
    • 2000
      Introduction of Computerize Cutting Bench and Folding Bench, IT enables the self-production of machine covers possible. JW-series Granulator、PET Bottle recycling system、PP/PE Bottle recycling、PP film recycling…etc was be published.
    • 2001
      Introduced Solid Edge 3D designing system;Vacuum auto loader、Dosing Unit…etc was be published.
    • 2002
      Centralized Feeding System、CD Sprue Recycling Machine…etc was be published.
    • 2003
      Technical support and CSA approved from Hamilton Avtec Inc.
    • 2004
      To Meet the increasing need of the production and hold more than 40 patents, Rienta Co., Ltd. Was be established with area of 900 m2, The production Factory 1 and 2 have a total area of 3400 m2 and employed 26 staff.
    • 2005
      Introduction consultant to guide B.O.M;Twin Shaft Shredder、Dusty Collection Bench…etc was be published.
    • 2006
      Introduction component de-waxing casting, improved the quality of parts;Single Shaft Shredder、Temperature Controller Unit…etc was be published.
    • 2007
      Waste edge recycling for extruder of AR/ARP/ARC-series were be published;All granulator series up to date of Organic Fertilizer Conversing Equipments/Fa, TUV Rheinland Approved.
    • 2008
      To meet the increasing need of the production and hold more than 48 patents, Pulian expanded Factory 1 to an area of 1600 m2, The production Factory 1 and 2 have a total area of 5000 m2 and employed 35 staff.
    • 2009
      Build new brand image、new Pulian’s logo issued;Integrate advertisements、re-build the appearance of Factory…etc;ERP system was issued.
    • 2010
      Establish Management dep. and R&D dep.;Overall against counterfeiting and infringement;Assemble factory in Dongguang China was be established, with an area 1500 m2 and employed 18 staff.
    • 2011
      Expand Factory 2 to 1100㎡ and hold more than 58 patents, the production Factory 1 and 2 have a total area of 6600 m2 and employed 54 staff. PC Board recycling system、Cable granulating & Copper separating system、PET recrystallization system …etc were be published, to expand service location in each province in China.
    • 2012
      Recycling industries system: electrical appliance waste recycling、auto waste recycling、PCB stickiness plastic film recycling system. Production waste recycling system: window film crusher system、PU crusher system,EVA film crusher system…etc.
    • 2013
      Confidential information Crushing system; Sound-proof Design, Tech-mute T-Series Crusher; Technology export, including assembly, manufacture, sales and service; Laser machine for cutting sheet metal by Pulian.
    • 2014
      Integrate globe communicating system, Cross-sector reciprocity and synergistic effects.
    • 2015
      OSAKA PULIAN INTERNATIONAL CO.LTD using Japanese spec as a manufacturing guideline along with Taiwan-Japanese Technology and fabricating techniques obtained praise from well known Japanese Companies.
    • 2016
      New demands of the new electronic age, lead to the development of automating storage system which was completed in 2016, PULIAN now as the technology to design and manufacture a full system with 1000 auto-storage slots for molds.
      Our main office was re-renovated to enhance the main gate, office and procurement/warehouse to improve the overall look.
    • 2017
      With the rise of Agriculture Science and Technology, PULIAN cooperating with International well known companies and plants developed a complete line of rapid organic fertilizing system.
      Establishing PULIAN plant number 3 and welding plant number 1 with 12 welding technicians.
    • 2018
      Integrating world marketing system, pushing the PULIAN brand internationally, seeking cooperation from different fields to accomplish WIN/WIN.

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