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Pulian History

    • 1994
      Pulian International Enterprise CO.,Ltd. Was established on March and well-known to be a successful leader in the market by “Auto Mix AM series”. At that moment, Pulian was only a small factory with an area of 100 m2 and employed 4 staff.
    • 1995
      A-Series Crusher、Mixer、De-powder machine …etc was be published.
    • 1996
      To meet the increasing needs of the production and R&D ability obtain approve and hold 5 patents, Pulian expanded a new factory with an area of 500 m2 and employed 8 staff.
    • 1997
      S-Series Crusher、Conveyor、Hydraulic cutting machine、Low speed granulator…etc was be published.
    • 1998
      Organic Fertilizer Conversing Equipments/Fa, TUV Rheinaland Certificate approved;Successful R&D Environmental protection、food waste recycling system.
    • 1999
      To meet the increasing need of the production and hold more than 20 patents, Pulian expanded a new factory with area of 2500 m2 and employed 18 staff.
    • 2000
      Introduction of Computerize Cutting Bench and Folding Bench, IT enables the self-production of machine covers possible. JW-series Granulator、PET Bottle recycling system、PP/PE Bottle recycling、PP film recycling…etc was be published.
    • 2001
      Introduced Solid Edge 3D designing system;Vacuum auto loader、Dosing Unit…etc was be published.
    • 2002
      Centralized Feeding System、CD Sprue Recycling Machine…etc was be published.
    • 2003
      Technical support and CSA approved from Hamilton Avtec Inc.
    • 2004
      To Meet the increasing need of the production and hold more than 40 patents, Rienta Co., Ltd. Was be established with area of 900 m2, The production Factory 1 and 2 have a total area of 3400 m2 and employed 26 staff.
    • 2005
      Introduction consultant to guide B.O.M;Twin Shaft Shredder、Dusty Collection Bench…etc was be published.
    • 2006
      Introduction component de-waxing casting, improved the quality of parts;Single Shaft Shredder、Temperature Controller Unit…etc was be published.
    • 2007
      Waste edge recycling for extruder of AR/ARP/ARC-series were be published;All granulator series up to date of Organic Fertilizer Conversing Equipments/Fa, TUV Rheinland Approved.
    • 2008
      To meet the increasing need of the production and hold more than 48 patents, Pulian expanded Factory 1 to an area of 1600 m2, The production Factory 1 and 2 have a total area of 5000 m2 and employed 35 staff.
    • 2009
      Build new brand image、new Pulian’s logo issued;Integrate advertisements、re-build the appearance of Factory…etc;ERP system was issued.
    • 2010
      Establish Management dep. and R&D dep.;Overall against counterfeiting and infringement;Assemble factory in Dongguang China was be established, with an area 1500 m2 and employed 18 staff.
    • 2011
      Expand Factory 2 to 1100㎡ and hold more than 58 patents, the production Factory 1 and 2 have a total area of 6600 m2 and employed 54 staff. PC Board recycling system、Cable granulating & Copper separating system、PET recrystallization system …etc were be published, to expand service location in each province in China.
    • 2012
      Recycling industries system: electrical appliance waste recycling、auto waste recycling、PCB stickiness plastic film recycling system. Production waste recycling system: window film crusher system、PU crusher system,EVA film crusher system…etc.
    • 2013
      Confidential information Crushing system; Sound-proof Design, Tech-mute T-Series Crusher; Technology export, including assembly, manufacture, sales and service; Laser machine for cutting sheet metal by Pulian.
    • 2014
      Integrate globe communicating system, Cross-sector reciprocity and synergistic effects.
    • 2015
      OSAKA PULIAN INTERNATIONAL CO.LTD using Japanese spec as a manufacturing guideline along with Taiwan-Japanese Technology and fabricating techniques obtained praise from well known Japanese Companies.
    • 2016
      New demands of the new electronic age, lead to the development of automating storage system which was completed in 2016, PULIAN now as the technology to design and manufacture a full system with 1000 auto-storage slots for molds.
      Our main office was re-renovated to enhance the main gate, office and procurement/warehouse to improve the overall look.
    • 2017
      With the rise of Agriculture Science and Technology, PULIAN cooperating with International well known companies and plants developed a complete line of rapid organic fertilizing system.
      Establishing PULIAN plant number 3 and welding plant number 1 with 12 welding technicians.
    • 2018
      Pulian Vietnam established new facility spanning 540㎡ 、Pulian Taiwan acquired new land and established new parking lot spanning 1270㎡ . New developments in Farming Bio-Technology with rapid fertilization of farm wastes and animal excrements.
    • 2019
      Pulian Headquarters 3rd floor expansion completed. Pulian also invested and acquired YouQiang Precision Sheet Metal Co.LTD to become Pulian Sheet Metal Plant.
      Pulian successfully landed tender for HuaLian Government Kitchen Waste Processing Plant with a daily processing load of 20 tons.
    • 2020
      Cooperation With RENZ Germany Group for Organic waste to Energy System to turn waste into electric power! Pulian Vietnam acquired 2600㎡ land for new factory.
    • 2021
    • 2022
      Apply for an organic fertilizer factory (Dajia Factory), covering an area of 4,488㎡; Youqiang sheet metal added laser processing to open a full range of external operations; in response to the government's SRF policy, successfully developed waste plastic palletizing and rod making machines.
    • 2023
      Intelligent high-temperature pyrolysis machine (850-900℃) with power generating system launched, used in Domestic waste pyrolysis - power generating system, Agricultural organic waste pyrolysis - power generating system, Industrial rubber and plastic waste pyrolysis - power generating system Strengthen the localized manufacturing of the environmental protection recycling and cleaning system of Pulian Vietnam Factory.
    • 2024
      Integrating world marketing system, pushing the PULIAN brand internationally, seeking cooperation from different fields to accomplish WIN/WIN.

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