Storage Tank

The use of Storage Barrels is dazzling. It has its existing value and purpose in life in the industry, and we divide it into the production of plastic products industry and the introduction of food industry.

Storage barrels are divided into four categories according to their uses.

  1. The first category : Light Mobile Storage Tank
    Generally limited to 500 kilograms of material storage (mainly moved by humans), it is mainly used for the production of plastic products in batches, 2-3 units are used in alternate to achieve continuous production.
  2. The second category: Medium Storage Tanks
    Generally limited to 500~5000 kg of material storage, it can be used for temporary storage when the workload of the production is high, stand by waiting for the next time it can be re-used in the production line to prevent insufficient supply, and achieve continuous production purposes.
  3. The third category: Large Storage Barrels
    Generally, size range from 10~200㎥ by the volume of the storage tank. These large storage barrels are used in long-term material preparation or central supply and distribution occasions.
  4. The fourth category: Auxiliary Function Storage Tank
    For special purposes, other functions can be added to the storage tank. For example, adding electric heating or hot air to make the raw materials dry, adding mixing blades can make the storage tank more uniform when there are more than two materials, the outer wall of the barrel is equipped with thermal insulation cotton for thermal insulation, the double-layer barrel wall design can be used for heating by the use of oil, or provide cooling function by the use of chilled water...etc and other required functions.

According to customer needs or different material properties, the material of the storage barrel can be divided into iron, aluminum, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, special materials... etc. The main purpose is to improve work efficiency, save time and effort, replace manpower, reduce pollution, save space and achieve convenient visual management.

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