Unmotivated Separation Oil and Water Tank ASP-series

Unpowered separation of oil and water tank totally overcomes the traditional way which is using clapboard to divide.
By using gravity, mechanical gap, and biological carrier membrane, this new method which can efficiently remove residue, floating oil, discrete oil.
Basically, unpowered separation of oil and water tank’s content are slag bucket, baffle board, water inlet, water outlet, biological plate combination processor, cuboid box, and movable cover (or additionally add fixed).

Model Machine size(mm) Capacity (m²/d) Sheet thickness(mm) Inlet size(mm) Outlet size(mm)
ASP-1 600*350*300 1 1.2 Ø50 Ø50
ASP-3 800*400*500 3 1.2 Ø63 Ø63

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