Horizontal Hydraulic Baler

    • Horizontal Hydraulic Baler
      Horizontal Hydraulic Baler
      • The pump pressure is from 17~25Mpa, and the output capacity is about 1~20 T/HR,depending on different models.
      • Electric eyes detect feeding, compression, strapping, and output are fully automatic; the operation is simple and safe, and it can be operated unmanned.
      • HMI interface, easy and safe to operate.
      • The length and density of the bale can be freely adjusted according to the needs.
      • Multi-stage cut-off design is adopted for bales exceeding the height of the extrusion car, which can greatly reduce system pressure and power consumption.
      • The main cylinder with rockable support design is connected with the press car by a ball joint, which has a long service life.
      • Advanced twin-cylinder threading equipment and isolated stranding equipment.
      • Customized feeding port (hopper) to meet different needs of customers.
      • Various operating settings and configurations can also be customized to meet actual operating conditions.

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