Crusher Under Kitchen (Garburator) FG Series

Model FG-56 FG-65N FG-65A FG-85
Horse power(W) 560W Permanent magnet DC motor 650W Permanent magnet DC motor 650W Permanent magnet DC motor 850W DC inverter motor
Volt(V/HZ) 220V 50/60HZ 220V 56/60HZ 220V 50/60HZ 220V 50/60HZ
Type of switch Air switch Air switch Remote control Remote control
Material PA66 High-strength nylon PA66 High-strength nylon Aluminum alloy PA66 High-strength nylon
Interface size(mm) 90-110mm 90-110mm 90-110mm 90-110mm
Machine size(mm) 158*158*326mm 194.2*194.2*326 188*188*338 195*195*345
Weight(kg) 5.0kg 5.34kg 6.15kg 6.2kg
Feature Proprietary options kitchen industry supply, engineering support Popular home edition with Enhanced level 3 grinding technology, stable and durable performance Motor power promotes, efficient improvement, remote control, aluminum alloy crushed chamber More power torque, handling faster with remote control Lower volume of noise and longer service life

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