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Special Design and Customized Machines for Japan


Made in Japan: Craftsmanship, Human + Knowledge/Experience
Made in Japan: Human are the core manufacturing spirit. Japan's automobile and parts manufacturing philosophy, especially Toyota's philosophy is centered around "onsite", and the core of measures is "improvement." Many current management measures are derived from Japanese manufacturing, such as 5S, and visual management.
Its spiritual connotation has four aspects:
1. Dedication: The love for the profession has produced a dedicated, responsible and dedicated professional spirit.
2. Improving: Keep improving which is focusing on every product and every process, and keep improving for better professional quality.
3. Focus: Determine the patience, and perseverance which are focusing on details as the saying goes, “a decade condensed in one day“. Demonstrating determination and perseverance.
4. Innovation: The inner meaning of innovation is pursuing to breakthrough, and craftsmen who have been keen on innovation and invention throughout the ages and have always been driving force to the world progress.

For more than 10 years, Pulian has used the technical guidance of Daito-kikai Inc. to communicate with Chief Nakamura and cooperation with 有厚木プラスチック株式会社、生駒プラスチック株式会社、三甲株式会社、ヤマハ株式会社、積水成形工業株式会社、豊田紡織株式会社、トヨタ鉄工株式会社、豊田合成株式会社、小島産業株式会社、プラマック株式会社、豊和化成株式会社、内浜化成株式会社、株式会社近江物産、山宗株式会社、株式会社セキソー、進栄化成株式会社、株式会社富士サイクル、大和化成工業、近畿、中山工業、東洋製罐、安全興業、小林、梅田真空包裝、YAMAHA、YAMASO、日輝、池田福助、ATENA、東海理化、日三化成、GIFUPURA、松下、SEKISO、吉田、岐阜…etc.

Diligent learning enterprise is like a craftsman who considers his/her own products, striving for perfection, and withstand the challenge. Furthermore, the craftsman knows how to demand a scrutiny of the market, and let everyone who works in the company have a professionalism, respect for the profession, perseverance to their duty, responsible attitude to the product, great attention to details, and constantly pursuing perfection that giving customers an impeccable experience.

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