High Speed NIR Sorting System for Plastics Recycling

High Speed NIR Sorting System for Plastics Recycling HMC-1500

The near-infrared (NIR) sensor detects the reflected light of material with wavelength in the range from 1100nm to 1900nm. Different types of plastic compounds have different chemical bond, such as C-H, N-H, and O-H. According to the materials chemical compositions, each material reflects NIR light are different and creates a unique spectrum. These spectrums will be calculated and classified for final plastic types sorting result.

The NIR sensor Features:
Unique Sorting Technology
The smart NIR sorting solution is integrated with “free fall” setup to avoid noise and contamination for better stability and accuracy.
500Hz scan rate provides real-time and accurate materials information stream of shape and classification.

Lighting Unit
Unique-designed light provides halogen lamps with low power consumption, high light intensity, smart maintenance, and low cost for maintaining.

High-Speed Valve Seat
The high-speed bullet valves are assembled in the compact nozzle bar. The milliseconds response and blowing time which brings high throughput with less air consumption.

Integrated MMI
Dual 15” touch screens with high resolution provide clear and simple operation for the conveyors and NIR sorter respectively.

Pulian adopts high standard safety components and circuit desing to protect the operator safety.

Sorting Procedures

①Feeding   ③Sorting  
Plastic flakes are loaded from the jumbo bags to the loading screw or belt. Feeding speed is easily adjustable by MMI interface. Flakes are accelerated by the main conveyor, and when the flakes passing through the light and sensor zone, it will be classified. Air nozzles will blow out the selected materials on specific tracks.
②Spreading   ④Receiving  
The vibration screen which filters out small pieces or grains, and spreads evenly to the main belt. The first conveyor will deliver all the passed materials which are not blown out to the jumbo bag for packing. The second conveyor delivers the flakes which are blown out to the jumbo bag for another packing.

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