Cold and Heat Exchange Equipment

According to the different heat transfer methods of cold heat exchangers, it can be divided into three types: Hybrid Type, Heat storage Type, and Partition Type.

  • Hybrid heat exchangers perform heat exchange through direct contact and mixing of cold and hot fluids. They are also called contact exchangers. Since the two fluids must be separated in time after they are mixed for heat exchange, this type of exchanger is suitable for the exchange of gas and liquid. For example, cooling towers used in plastic factories, chemical factories...etc. The principle is that hot water is sprayed from top to bottom, while cold air is sucked in from bottom to top to fill the surface of the water droplets. The hot water and air are in contact with each other and the water is cooled. The cold air takes away the heat, so that the two fluids immediately exchange heat, and achieve the purpose of cooling down.
  • Regenerative heat exchangers use cold and hot fluids to alternately flow through the surface of the regenerator in the regenerator to exchange heat, such as air preheating under the boiler. This type of cold heat exchanger is mainly used to recover hot gas or use waste heat to generate other process heat sources.
  • The partition wall type heat exchanger, its cold and hot fluids are separated by a solid partition and pass through this partition wall for cold and heat exchange, also known as a surface type cold heat exchanger. According to the structure, it can be divided into tube type, plate type or other types. This type of cold heat exchanger is mainly used in mold temperature controllers, refrigerators, condensers, etc., in cold and heat exchange occasions.

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