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Strengthening our Core – establishing Strong Precision Sheet Metal

This June, StrongPrecision Sheet Metal company will becomeasubsidiary of PulianGroup. CHANG,WUN-CIN, will become the person in charge as general manager of Strong Precision Sheet Metal. The executive of Pulian International Enterprise,ZHONG,ZHENG-LI, will take charge as CEO of Pulian group.

Strong Precision Sheet Metal used to focus on all kinds of sheet metal, but from this point forward,in order to keep up with the constant growth of global market in terms of industrial trend upgrading. Pulian will play a key role in expanding the field of expertise to other fields such as food, medical, and agricultural industries to enlarge the scale of business. In the future, both Pulian and Strongwill do our best to show our brand-newcapabilitiesand continueto provide customers with the utmost qualified services.

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