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Automatic Storage system is designed by automatic access method for auto-entry and exit; reduce labor for transporting items. Refer to following classification to source a high efficiency automatic storage system to improve the management issue. 一、Automatic Storaging System & Robotic Arm System
1.Construction: Trolley Shelf、Container Structure Shelf、Pallet Shelf、Cantilever Shelf、Drive-Through Racking Shelf
2.Floor: High Layer- Above 12 M、Medium Layer-5~12M、Low Layer-Below 5M
3.Pallet Capacity: Small Capacity-Below 1000 pallets、Medium Capacity- 1000~5000 pallets、Large Capacity-Above 5000 pallets
4.Access Method: Retractable Forklift Style、Belt Type、Shuttle Carriage Style、Robotic Arm System
二、The advantage of Automatic Storage System application:
1. Reduce the land area; Increase the height capacity of storage and area utilization percentage drastically
2. Increase the Possibility of warehouse auto-entry and exit to improve warehouse efficiency
3. Increase warehouse management to connect the broad variety of computer systems.
4. The conditions including darker area, toxic room, and micro thermal or special location are workable to be applied by automated storage system.

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