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The emergence and development of automated three-dimensional storage is one of the most eye-catching high-tech products in the contemporary era. It is an automated three-dimensional warehouse that combines industrialization and technology. Modern mass production has increasingly promoted industrial production, socialization, centralization, production is highly mechanized and material supply requires automation...etc. Supply and distribution must be immediate, fast, and accurate. Therefore, the rapid development of integrated warehouse technology has been promoted and has become a symbol of high technology in factory design. Automated three-dimensional warehousing is a new concept emerging in logistics warehousing centers. On the contrary, traditional warehouses are only places for storing goods, and storing goods is the only function, which is a "Static Storage". The automated three-dimensional warehouse adopts advanced automated material handling equipment, which not only enables the goods to be automatically deposited and retrieved in the warehouse as needed, but also can be purposefully connected with the production links outside the warehouse. Through computer management systems and automated material handling equipment, warehouses have become an important link in production logistics.

Enterprise outsourcing and self-made production parts into the automated warehouse storage is a link of the entire production, short-term storage is to automatically output to the next process for production at a specified time, thus forming an automated logistics system, which is a kind of "Dynamic Storage " It is also an obvious technological trend in the development of today's automated warehouses.

  • Working principle of automated three-dimensional storage: The automated three-dimensional warehouse is composed of three-dimensional racks, tracked roadway stackers, in and out trays or container conveyor systems, size bar code recognition systems, communication systems, automatic control systems, computer management systems, wire and cable trays, power distribution cabinets, auxiliary equipment such as adjustment platform and automated warehouse structure platform… etc. form a complex automation system.
  • Shelves: It constitutes one of the important parts of automated three-dimensional warehouses and warehouses. The shelves can adopt high-quality reinforced concrete structures or steel structures to ensure that the shelves have a very high carrying capacity in practical applications. Moreover, data design higher-level shelves according to the requirements, without worrying about the problem of insufficient capacity.
  • Roadway stacker: It is also one of the important components. In the three-dimensional warehousing, it is actually used in the various lanes between the shuttle shelves to realize the work of immediate access to the goods. Modular design, simple structure, characteristic is that horizontal and vertical travel adopts laser distance measurement, power part adopts servo motor, and travel adopts combined walking wheel.
  • Tray and box conveyor system: Including roller type, chain type, belt type, unpowered type... etc., movable conveying system. It is suitable for the transportation and distribution of products in electronics, home appliances, food, chemistry, and logistics centers. According to different logistics, different types of institutions are selected, and auxiliary devices are used to enable materials to complete continuous transportation, accumulation, turnover, separation, merging, lifting... etc. and achieve a complete automated conveying system.
  • Warehouse management software system: Automated warehouse management software is a set of professional software that integrates information management and industrial monitoring based on a network database. The information management system can be integrated with the company’s MRP and ERP for flexibility and security. Usually, the industrial monitoring subsystem commands the machinery to complete the warehouse operation automatically. When the computer network system fails, only the ECS can work which is used as an emergency operation of the back-end database server. However, when the ECS fails, it can also be operated manually by the stacker directly and it will not be completely shut down due to any problems with any shut down.
  • Digital Picking System: With the changes in economy and production, it has developed into multiple varieties and small batches. The sorting of goods distribution centers has increased sharply and the tasks are difficult. Relying on ordinary sorting methods can no longer be satisfied. In the future, it must move to a digital picking system (DPS). It is a computer-assisted paperless system that uses LED electronic tags for each position on the shelf to replace the order to pick up the goods, and then transmits the order information to the electronic tags to guide the pickers to correctly, quickly, easily complete the picking, significantly increase the speed and reduce the error rate.

Strictly speaking, the automated warehousing system hopes that no one will be involved in automatic storage and automatic output. Through the computer and communication system, the goods will be automatically guided to the station. After manual confirmation, the warehousing is automatically completed or input instructions by production managers and automatically deliver goods from the shelf to the shipping station accurately.

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