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Recycling System and Customized Machines
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Taiwan's resource recovery rate is over 58% and ranks third in the world. Despite such good results, a large amount of waste has been generated. We must understand that the earth's resources will not be endless, waste garbage will not disappear. Reduce and recycle must be fundamentally improved and changed from the industry. In the past, in order to promote consumption, manufacturers used the economic law of throwing it away. Now how to upgrade and change the habit of throwing garbage away in our lives and consciousness of the people, obviously in this era, we must pay more attention to it.

Advanced countries such as the European Union, Germany, Japan, etc. not only encourage the development of green innovative products among industries, but also strive for revolutionary products that reduce energy consumption, endure resources, and reduce the burden on the earth. At present, it is not only the recycling of surface resources such as glass recycling and bottle recycling, but also the promotion of marine garbage recycling, beach cleaning activities, cleaning of the environment, and recycling green projects. Obviously this new trend is spreading, and our industry must pay more attention to this overall trend, from increasing the utilization rate, promoting durable products, upgrading the industrial chain, reducing process waste, creating green consumption, reducing one-time use, and promoting recycling of recycled materials. The front-end waste reduction project of new product reuse will raise the people's green awareness. In this way, Taiwan's waste will go from the era of burial to the era of compulsory classified incineration in present. Finally, advance to the green era of reuse and recycling. It is hoped to reduce the amount of waste from the source, reuse, recycle and also use marine waste recycling, to achieve zero waste, zero disposal, full recycling of waste materials and create turnover value.

Environmental recycling industry operations include three aspects:

The first is environmental protection equipment products and operations, which mainly refer to the production and operation of water pollution control equipment, air pollution control equipment, solid waste treatment equipment, noise control equipment, radiation and electromagnetic wave pollution protection equipment, environmental monitoring and analysis equipment, environmental protection medicine...etc.

The second is the comprehensive utilization of resources, which refers to the utilization of waste materials, comprehensive utilization of waste, and recycling of waste materials.

The third is environmental service operation, which refers to the provision of various services such as technology, management, engineering design and construction for environmental protection.
PET Bottle Recycling System, It is mainly used to dispose of mineral water bottles, cola bottles, various beverage bottles...and other recyclable PET materials that are discarded in daily life. The entire cleaning system is the same as washing clothes, needs to be cleaned once, twice or even three times, completely depending on the level of contamination of the customer's incoming materials and the end use.

The cleaning equipment is composed of many units: Conveyor, Unpacking Machine, Stripping Machine, metal Inspection Machine, Wet Grinder, Rubbing Machine, Cleaning Tank, High Temperature Cooking Tank, Dehydrator, Membrane Separator, Dryer, Material Sorting Machine, Color Sorter, Storage Barrel, Packaging Machine, Granulator... etc. Pulian has accumulated nearly 30 years of experience, and will customize each machine according to customer's requirements and customer's factory layout to maximize efficiency and satisfy customer's production needs. Each system can be tailor made specifically.  
Each set of equipment focuses on how to clean, thus cleaning process is divided into three aspects:

  1. Pre-washing: It is mainly to wash the mud, sand and floating soil first, and reduce the wear and tear of the next processing machine due to mud and sand.
  2. Main washing: It is mainly to wash oil stains, sugar, glue and other stains, and use detergent or rubbing mechanism to achieve cleanliness.
  3. Rinsing: Finally, the remaining oil stains, detergents and solvents attached to the bottle flakes are cleaned again to complete the final product.

PP, PE, HDPE, ABS, PC barrels, bottles, pots, plates cleaning and recycling system

PP, PE, HDPE, ABS, PC cleaning and recycling system, mainly processing waste milk bottles, cosmetic bottles, beer baskets, cola baskets, oil bottles, plastic HDPE, PP, PE... and other floating water hard recyclable plastics in daily life .

According to the needs of customers, propose a suitable recycling process. First, select the correct materials such as HDPE bottles or pipes from the market or factory waste, and crush the classified materials to remove dirt sand, remove adhesive paper, and hot alkaline water to remove oil stains. Floating and sinking tanks for separating floating and sinking materials, tank rinsing, dewatering, storage, pelletizing, etc., and finally the finished plastic pellets after cleaning and recycling will be reused in various industries.

PP, PE film, Jumbo bag (ton bag), woven bag cleaning and recycling system

PP, PE film cleaning and recycling system, mainly processing PP, PE film (Agricultural Film), Jumbo bags (Ton Bags), Woven bags... and other waste products, mostly already been used. Therefore, the pre-crushing and pre-washing system of the front stage can initially remove most of the mud and sand impurities, the wear-resistant design ensures the long-term continuous operation of the system and the protection of the equipment is extremely important.

The cleaning system includes the cutting machine, the drum to remove sand, the elbow wheel rolling machine to remove impurities, the conveyor, the wet grinder, the rubbing machine, the cleaning tank, the rinsing tank, the squeezing machine, the granulator... etc. The plastic scraps after cleaning and recycling will be reused in various industries.

There are many types of environmental recycling, and we list 10 major items:

  1. Waste Plastic Recycling: Waste PET, PP, PE, PS, PC, POM, PVC, PU, PA, ABS, 475, TPR, Acrylic, Silica Gel, Silicone Rubber, Nylon... etc. can be recycled and reused. The most massive sources are PET bottles and PP.PE hollow containers, which mainly go through the steps of screening, sorting, washing, drying, and re-granulation. After being cleaned, they can be regarded as raw materials for new products.
  2. Scrap metal recycling: Scrap Iron, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Zinc alloy...etc. All metal scraps are recycled and all can be remade.
  3. Recycling of waste electronic products: Waste PCB circuit boards, Circuit boards, IC, Capacitors, Diodes, Transistors, Resistors, Wires and Cables, Chargers, Transformers, Soldering Iron... etc. All electronic waste products are recycled.
  4. Recycling of waste batteries: Waste lithium Batteries, Nickel-metal Hydride batteries, Nickel-cadmium Batteries, Lithium-ion Batteries, Polymer Batteries, lithium Power Batteries, Solar Batteries, Mobile Phone Batteries, Laptop Batteries, Car Batteries…etc. Recycling of all power-supply battery waste.
  5. Waste glass recycling: Waste Wine Bottles, Beverage Bottles, Image Tube Glass, Auto Glass, Flat Glass, Patterned Glass, Tempered Glass, Fire-resistant Glass, Bulletproof glass, Special Glass... etc. All waste glass products are recycled.
  6. Recycling of waste silicon wafers: Recycling of waste silicon wafers, IC Wafers, Single Silicon Wafers, Multi-silicon wafers, Solar Wafers…etc.
  7. Waste nickel recovery: Waste Electrolytic Nickel, Electroplated Nickel, Battery Conductive Nickel, Nickel Foil, Nickel Alloy... etc.
  8. Waste cobalt recovery: Waste Cobalt Materials, Lithium Cobalt Oxide, Lithium Nickel Cobalt Oxide, Electromagnetic Positive Electrode Sheet, Negative Electrode Sheet... etc.
  9. Scrap precious metal recycling: Gold Plating, Gold Bath, Silver Plating, Nickel, Rhodium, Palladium, Platinum, Cobalt, Tungsten Steel, Titanium... etc.
  10. Other Recycling: Recycling various waste machinery and equipment, computer Peripheral Consumables, Waste Wires and Cables, Inventory Clearance, Abandoned Factory Buildings, Construction, Civil Engineering, Sand... etc.

Special design (Non-standard Design):

As labor costs continue to increase, more and more companies must move towards automation. In order to ensure quality, labor costs must be reduced, finished products are produced, and manual operation speed is limited. No matter which kind of product, it must be replaced by reliable and specially designed machines in order to have a better chance of gaining a competitive advantage.
Pulian has accumulated nearly 30 years of experience to provide solutions to special problems encountered by customers in the production process, and these problems have indeed become obstacles to the improvement of customer labor and production.
In order to prove our strength, adhere to credibility, improve quality, improve efficiency and ensure production safety, we insist to Ten Principles:

  1. Contact: Understand the purpose of machinery and equipment, such as processing equipment or test equipment or fixture equipment or tool equipment... etc.
  2. Interview: Understand relevant data, such as Dimensions, Interference Parts, Electrical Specifications, Voltage, Power... etc.
  3. Conception: Master the mechanical principle, Linear Motion or Rotary Motion or Compound Motion, Combined with pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electrical... etc.
  4. Proposal: The proposal is superior to the old or Unavailable Equipment, including Labor, Materials, Processing, Recovery Rate, Value... etc.
  5. Review: Repeated contact, Investigation, Conception and Proposal process proved to be the design plan the client wanted.
  6. Drawing: Implement the correct design of the plan reviewed by the customer, and review it repeatedly with the customer to prevent major mistakes.
  7. Processing: Processing according to specifications and ensuring all processing accuracy.
  8. Assembly: Special design. Assembled by experienced and responsible senior personnel, it can correct errors on the one hand and ensure quality on the other.
  9. Adjustment: The customer must test the whole process before leaving the factory, spread out all possible results for testing, and make corrections in the factory if there are mistakes, so that they can be shipped with confidence.
  10. Online: Set up properly on the customer's production line, re-inspect, restart, re-test, and then formally produce according to standard operating procedures.

Customized Equipment:

According to customer needs, change an original standard process, replace the original standard parts with new mechanisms, components or add special functions to the original standard process, so that customers have a more complete and perfect product portfolio.
Customized equipment mostly changes components, mechanism, and module... of the customer's original process. Although it is a small part, we are still competing in the industry. According to special design standards, we adhere to ten principles and provide suitable , applicable customized equipment to meet customer needs.

Confidential Information Destruction Processing

Government, Military and Private Companies often have important data that needs to be destroyed in these fields.
Which Including:

  1. Paper Document: Official Documents, Manuscripts, Files, Letters, Reports, Drawings... etc.
  2. Electronic Document: Main Frame, Mobile Phone, Hard Disk Drive, CD, USB, Audio Tape, Film... etc.
  3. Special Industry: Casino Tokens, Porker, Dice, Credit Cards... etc.

When we destroy it, we must be able to destroy it accurately to ensure that important information is not leaked, and that the information cannot be restored.
Pulian has developed several types of confidential information destruction equipment, using the principle of Granulators and Shredders for destruction which can import alloy cutters to increase the life span and high cutting efficiency.
Video surveillance throughout the entire process to ensure thorough destruction and without re-arrangement.
Can be used in: Document destruction, File destruction, Confidential Information destruction, Data File destruction, Hard Disk Drive destruction, destruction of Flash Drives, Gambling Equipment destruction, Credit Card destruction... etc.

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