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Paper Crushing Machine for JW-260 series

Usually paper crusher machine was cut by square or bar, and it still leaves the words on the paper. JW-260P-series, it is not only cutting below 4mm, but also clean the words on the paper, also it can mix whole of chip on the granulator. It can eliminate the scale of replace and leak out the secret.

    • JW-260P
      • POWER: 3HP
      • INLET SIZE: 260*170mm
      • R.P.M.: 320/390rpm
      • ROTARY BLADE: 3pcs(3claws)
      • STATIONARY BLADE: 2pcs
      • MACHINE WEIGHT: 229kg
      • MACHINE SIZE: 800*500*1070mm
      • CAPACITY: 30~80Kg/hr
      • CONTENTS: 10 kg

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