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Granulators / Shredders / Pulverizer Machine and Equipment

Pulian provides various granulator and shredder equipments over 200 models to satisfy customer demand. Granulators and shredders can be used in multiple ways and be adopted with every producing line, such as injection molding machine, blow molding machine, extrusion molding machine, recycling line. Also, the granulators can be used to grind IC, stick, lumber, board, cable, tire, film waste, food waste, EPS, PET bottles, PP/PE film, PVC/PP/PE pipe, etc. We also offer pulverizer to grind material to 10-40 mesh. Pulian’s granulators & shredders equipments are the best products that you are looking for that will definitely meet up to your high request.

Granulator Machinery Introduction & Types

In order to satisfy many difficult challenges, the basic supplement of granulators can crush various items including: Rubber, Plastic, Non-plastic, etc. Thus, all of the granulator series must have high quality intricate components and safety regulations, which is divided into 4 levels ranging from 1HP to 250HP.

  • Level 1 (1-15HP) Small series
    Using range: Daily supplement, Infant product, toys, electronic Industry, food Industry, medical supplies, cosmetics product.
  • Level 2 (20-60HP) Medium series
    Using range: Vehicle components, electrical appliances, Illumination, Luggage, Plastic industry producing medium sized products, footwear, hollow container industry, building material hardware…etc
  • Level 3 (75-150HP) Large series
    Using range: Large vehicle bumper, Large hollow planks, tanks, chemical barrel, domestic waste, business waste, etc
  • Level 4 (175-250HP) Extra Large series
    - Using range: Large scale recycling systems, log or waste wood recycling, unique recycling, etc
    No matter the size of the granulator, it must meet optimal cutting angle, not easy to get stuck, Durable knives, Easy to change knives, High speed change in screen, Easy to clean, increase life-time of Bearings with special seals to protect against dust, Reliability of safety protection, High level of safety regulation, etc
    - Advantages: Wide application, wide range in series, various selections to satisfy yours multiple needs.

Industiral Shredders

Shredders divided into Single shaft shredders and Twin shaft shredders.

  • Single shaft Shredders powerful function can satisfy waste recycling in various fields, many types of recycling materials, including: Various plastic products – feeder. pipe. film. woven bag. bulk bag…etc, and variety of wastes includes: waste paper, waste wood, waste cable, cans…etc. Material after crushing can use directly or according to the requirements coupled with granulators for further processing. Machine can integrate with automatic control system, with the function to automatically stop. Reverse and un-jam, Stop and resume shredding when overload. The advantage is achieving high output with Low Rotating speed producing Low noise…etc.
  • Twin shaft shredders is a versatile machine, High Torque cutting design can satisfy waste recycling in various field which is suitable for crushing large items, including: Vehicle shell, Tires, Fridge, TV, Washing machine, Plastic barrel, Packaging box, Plastic tray, Plastic can, Medical bin, Business bin, Food bin, Dead animal, Hard drive, Expired food, Document, Paper, pharmaceutical products…etc. According to client requirements the twin shaft shredder can be designed for processing materials according to the designed scope, easily processing large materials into suitable size for the next process, achieving the highest benefits for the customer. Machine can integrate with automatic control system, with the function to automatically stop. Reverse and un-jam, Stop and resume shredding when overload. The advantage is achieving high output with Low Rotating speed producing Low noise…etc.

Hydraulic Cutting Machines

Hydraulic Cutting Machine or Slicer is mainly composed of Cutting knives, main frame, Working hydraulic cylinder, base auxiliary workbench, hydraulic system, and electrical system…etc. When cutting, operator puts the material under the cutters and activate the cutting sequence; the cutter coupled with the hydraulic guiding press guides the blades smoothly downwards cutting the material, cutting it into smaller sizes so the next process can work more efficiently and increase production. This series has many different selections to choose from, from manual operation, semi-automatic operation, fully automated hydraulic cutting operation, to fully auto cut-count cutting system where when the cutter reaches the end of its hydraulic travel, it will automatically move back up to its initial position. The structural design of the hydraulic cutting machine is simple but elegant, easy to operate, highly efficient and highly durable. Useful in processing natural rubber, rubber composites, plastic lumps, rolls of plastic as well as other plastic products.

Pulverizer Machines

Pulverizer divided into Industrial grind equipment and Food grind equipment also named as Inorganic grind equipment and Organic grind equipment.

  • Industrial Grind Equipment (Inorganic grind equipment) can be use in new product process and recycling process, in order to make the perfect product. Including : rubber sole, tire milling, PVC,PP, PEC, PC, Hard. soft PVC grind, PE, recycled material grinding, ore. silica glass recycling grind, Metal (iron. copper. aluminum) grind…etc. Key point in milling process : Increase productivity, Reduce energy consumption, High level dust collection to decrease air pollution, Consistency in high frequency seismic selection, hot/cold exchange to efficient cooling, increase usage time on durable knives , Complete difficult processing with simplification skills.
  • Food Grind Equipment (Organic grind equipment) in order to practical convenience, including : fine milling of whole grains, fine milling after drying Chinese herbal, fine milling of dry flowers and trees…etc. As a result of these material easy to fragile, milling process more easy. After specific mesh can achieve the ideal product, Due to the difference in thickness, when processing in the grinding process, it will cause lighter dust to fly, this part of Pulian can completely collect and recycle the dust.

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