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Food / Medical Machine Equipment

In the field of food equipment, Pulian develops different type of automatic equipments to meet up requests from market. We pursue for the improvement of food manufacture and keep the taste of food in original. By going through every discussion with client in person, we offer client the products that satisfy them and help clients start up the new business.

The material changes from thick to thin, coarse to fine, fine to powder and from powder to liquid, the process is to make it easier for the body to eat and absorb. Therefore, in the biotechnology, medical and food industries, the key point is that the selection of crushers, pulverizers and mills is extremely important. According to the processing requirements of food products, the original quality characteristics of food products should be maintained while improving and enhancing the characteristics of the products, chemical characteristics and biological characteristics to satisfy the different needs of the human body. Improve the use value and economic value of products, and develop multi-functional and new products through processing and intensive processing of food products with different characteristics to realize the maximum value-added benefits of processing.

According to the internationally accepted requirements of food industry production safety, machinery safety and food safety, the selection of working parts and technical parameters of biotechnology, medicine, and food special machinery should be compatible with the biological characteristics of the processed product and meet the processing requirements of the final product. Strict control is required to prevent the loss of raw materials or final products and quality degradation during the processing. The processing machinery and equipment of the final product or semi-finished products should prevent the pollution of the processing process by machinery or other materials to ensure that the final product meets safety requirements. To avoid environmental pollution caused by emissions (slag, slurry, liquid, gas, etc.) during processing, the processing environment with polluted emissions should be equipped with pollution treatment equipment so it meets the emission standards. For processing that contains a variety of nutrients or effective ingredients, consideration should be given to reducing the loss of nutrients or effective ingredients during processing and the comprehensive development of by-products and leftovers should be emphasized to make full use of resources and improve economic benefits. The cleaning of special machines for biotechnology, medicine and food after use is more important. Poor handling will affect the quality of the next batch of goods, so have to be careful.

  • Cleaning and Hygiene:
    After the equipment is operated, pay attention to the cleaning of the equipment and remove the residues from all corners of the machinery to prevent the residue from decay after a long time, which will affect the sanitation standard of the product and seriously threaten the health of consumers.
  • Cleaning Method:
    When cleaning the equipment, in order to save time and effort, the general operator directly flushes the equipment with a water pipe which is a wrong approach. The correct method of usage is cleaning the debris on the surface of the equipment with a damp towel, use a small brush to clean up the residue in each dead corner, and then rinse with water.
  • Precautions:
    The equipment generally exerts its best efficiency when its performance is at its best. The general user should pay attention to its use and maintenance methods when using it. When in processing by crushing and grinding, do not put stones or metallic materials into the machine to prevent the blade from chipping.

No matter what industry you are in or where in the world, our equipment can be an indispensable choice for you. Help solve any challenges in mechanical crushing, grinding, and milling...processing at present and in the future; moreover, we propose exclusive, dedicated, and project satisfactory solutions for various production needs, allowing customers to win over the market against the competition and help customers create new career.

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